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New Cyberattack Targets Microsoft Messages Opened in Preview Mode

Hackers could gain remote access to your personal computer when you open—or merely preview—an email message with malicious content using Microsoft Outlook's default email settings. more>

Mobile Banking: Members vs. Customers

There are big differences in how credit union members and bank customers use mobile banking, according to research by Malauzai Software, which examined 2.2 million logins from 158,000 mobile banking users at 144 banks and credit unions. more>

Five Reasons Why Credit Unions Must Invest in a Single Digital Banking Platform

Credit unions operate in a challenging world of rapid change, technology-savvy members and increasing expectations. In this environment, banking through disparate channels is quickly becoming obsolete and can even threaten an institution’s future. To thri more>

Is Your Data Breach Plan in Place and Up to Date?

Is your financial institution (FI) prepared for the next breach? It’s no longer a question of “if” a breach will occur; it’s a question of “when.” more>

Cummins Allison CUNA Guest Blog Post

Despite the growing popularity of digital banking services, in-store branch visits are still an important element to member engagement and satisfaction. In a recent Accenture study, nearly 78 percent of respondents reported they expect to visit their bran more>

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